Your Silence Screams You do not know what you are doing

Your Silence Screams You do not know what you are doing

I cannot stand when someone is elected to do a job, and then re-elected, and still doesn’t do the damned job! Maybe I care too much. Maybe I don’t want to see senior citizens suffer, and those of us in younger generations are done starting over.

When a publicly elected official does not propose a plan, or even have a plan to help people; while stating during the election cycle they are going to provide COVID19 relief, once elected it goes back to the normal radio silence; to me this is gross incompetence.

What are we paying this official for if not to provide solutions and effectively carry out the duties of the office?

Also when a publicly elected official has not released data, or statistical information from the pervious four years in office,and continues to not provide information to the tax paying public that is not a good sign for the area represented.

To me this lack of transparency is a sign of corruption, but more likely lack of ability due to not being previously held responsible or accountable, and never really working in a sector that would provide the skills needed to produce results.

It’s not too much to ask where the money is going. It is not too much to ask The Who, what, when and where. It’s not hard to answer these questions when one is doing the job, and knows their stuff.

It really gets me going when I know that residents, and business owners like myself would like to see the plan to prevent businesses from closing, and people who are not as fortunate keep their properties.

When we the people are paying someone over eighty thousand dollars a year, there is an expectation that person will be productive, proactive and community oriented to the point of empowering the residents.

Again I am disappointed that the antiquity elected to office is yet again failing to do the duties , and is again sitting around getting paid to not perform.

Again I will ask “Where is the data!” “Where are the stats!” “Where is the money going!” “What is your Pandemic Plan!”

Qualities of Ineffective Leaders

  • Communication problems
  • Inability to make decisions
  • Poor performance
  • Lacking conflict resolution skills
  • Quick to blame instead of taking responsibility
  • Slow reaction to change
  • Lack of focus and attention to detail
  • Comfortable with the status quo
  • Forget about the customer (Laying off their customer service team members over the holidays)
  • Accomplish work through themselves, not their team
  • Lack personal and team accountability
Silence screams you don’t know what the heck you are doing.