WOW introduces service usage plans for residential customers

WOW introduces service usage plans for residential customers

(AMN) – In an email to customers WideOpenWest Finance, LLC also known to consumers as WOW notified customers it would implement a monthly data usage plan effective October 1, 2022. Many customers were notified by email of the upcoming changes which include data caps, and overage charges dependent on consumer service packages provided. The previously uncapped and unthrottled data plans were popular with customers. You may read a copy of the email provided to customers below:

Account Notification:
Important Update to Your Internet Plan

Dear Valued WOW! Customer,

Every day, we’re working hard to ensure all WOW! customers have a consistent and reliable network experience. In an effort to ensure this consistent experience continues, we’re writing to let you know that we’re introducing a monthly data usage plan for your residential Internet service.

This change is effective October 1, 2022. Rest assured, the average WOW! customer will consume far less data than their plan allows and only a small percentage will be impacted by overage fees. Unless you’re using servers or file-sharing applications that consume extreme amounts of data, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll go over your data allowance.

If you do go over your data plan, we’ve got you covered. The first time you experience a data overage, we’ll proactively waive fees. For any subsequent data overage, increments of 50GB for $10 will be automatically applied for the remainder of the current calendar month. Total overage charges will not exceed $50 per billing statement no matter how much data you use.

Here’s what we’re doing to make sure you feel confident that your Internet service includes enough data to work, watch, and surf to your heart’s content:

  • We’ll notify you via the text and/or email addresses in the customer contact information provided by you if you approach your data allowance.
    • Don’t miss a message – head to to ensure your contact information is up-to-date!
  • Wondering how much data your household uses? Your data dashboard at will help you understand your monthly usage.
  • Have questions? Check out our Monthly Data Usage Plans page here.
  • Take a look at our breakdown of data plan by Internet speed. If you want to discuss options to ensure your plan fits your needs and budget, give us a call at 1-866-991-3586.

Internet PackageSpeed*Data Allowance

Internet 50, 50Mbps, 1,024 GB

Internet 100, 100Mbps, 1,536 GB

Internet 200, 200Mbps, 1,536 GB

Internet 300, 300Mbps, 1,536 GB

Internet 500, 500Mbps, 2,560 GB

Internet 600, 600Mbps, 2,560 GB

Internet 1000, 1,000Mbps, 3,072 GB

Again, and we can’t stress this enough — the vast majority of WOW! customers will not be impacted by overage fees. Your WOW! experience is not changing – we still have your whole household covered for streaming, video conferencing, email, browsing, and gaming. And, we’re always here to talk through your Internet service options. Give us a call at 1-866-991-3586.

Thank you,

Data plan breakdown by internet speeds. Provided by WideOpenWest