Words From Your Neighbors

Words From Your Neighbors

Someone once wrote something to the effect of, the entire Albion College community is in an abusive relationship with the same person. Whether they were ready to admit it or not, that really hit the nail on the head. It was true, whether others saw it or not, whether the trustees agreed or not, it was true.
Now they are essentially survivors. They are strong, they are recovering, they are standing up for themselves and they are moving on. Or at least they thought they were. The college employees that reside in the City of Albion are stuck in what appears to be a revolving door of supporters, allies if you will. Allies that constantly defended the actions of their savior.  Now the allies are themselves yelling abuse, abuse because someone questioned them and demanded answers.

These are the allies that turned the other cheek when it was mentioned how college employees were treated. The allies that flat out said the college employees were lying and making it up, even though they showed proof. The allies that stood beside and still to this day support someone who resigned from their position and left town after a disrespectful, degrading and bullying incident.

Now … Now! the allies are yelling abuse because someone is “disrespecting, degrading, mistreating and bullying” them (quoted from an ally at the March 21 city council meeting). My how the tables have turned. My question is, when did expecting answers and holding elected officials accountable for their actions become disrespectful. The citizens are fed up with the allies and have now risen up and are demanding answers from those that we elected. Guess what folks, the lies and shadiness by elected officials is no longer going to fly. If you feel everything you have done is on the up and up, why haven’t ANY (except the one removed from office by your back handed deals) of the council members been out knocking on doors, making phone calls, talking to your constituents, you know the folks that elected you, and asking them what THEY want?  I can guarantee you, we do not care about your own PR, we did not elect you to make yourself look good. We elected you to make our town as a whole look good and you have failed.

Recalls have been filed, you can bet your ass, those heading the recalls up will be knocking on doors and I can’t wait until they knock on mine!


Elisa Reynolds