What is Goat Yoga?

Guest Writer: Tina Esham –

April 5, 2019 (AMN) — Goat Yoga can be so many things. It can be more Yoga as in “Yoga with the present of goats”. These goats are usually older rescue type goats that just enjoy being around people but don’t interact with the people during the yoga class very much. Goat Yoga can also be more” Goat” then “Yoga” such as Baby Goat Yoga where baby goats have been taught since just a few days old to climb and jump on Yogis while the yoga class is going on. Typically in these classes more goat cuddling then yoga happens.  Also classes can be structured where the yoga section is fifteen to thirty minutes and goat cuddling or petting is the other hour of the class. Our classes are a unique combination of Yoga and goats. This is done by having and experienced yoga instructor lead a practice that is fit for beginner to intermediate. Our instructors understand that some clients come for the goats and some come for the yoga. This is where we embrace themotto “as much goat or yoga as you would like to participate in”throughout the hour class. The majority of our clients can find a balance of the two and really enjoy our classes.

Here at Esham Family Farm our Goat Yoga is unique because it is Baby Goat Yoga. Why baby goat yoga? For us Baby Goat Yoga is just an extension of what we have been doing for over a decade. We have been raising goats since 2006 and every year we breed for new babies. They are the very favorite part of our goat farm. Since we have experience in breeding and raising baby goats we wanted to make sure that we could share our love for baby goats through our Goat Yoga Program. Each year we will have new baby goats born to share with you through our baby goat yoga classes. Currently our plan is to have new babies born in late fall. If we grow to a demand of filled classes we may consider having babies born 2 times per year. This would make it so we had babies born in May and November.  We look forward to meeting this goal and growing our program to this level.

Finally for our clients Goat Yoga is an hour of laughter and smiles. Some stretching, some goat massage and yoga poses. The combination is designed to make your day or your week start or end with something that’s good for you. The therapeutic value of sharing time with an animal that makes you feel happy and the environment of taking care of you is a priority. We love that our clients leave with a smile on their face! Our Goat Yoga Team would love to have you come experience our unique Baby Goat Yoga classes.

-Esham Family Farm