We live in the Dark ages of slow Internet Infrastructure in a 21st-century world trying to work remotely

We live in the Dark ages of slow Internet Infrastructure in a 21st-century world trying to work remotely

Albion Michigan News | 5-5-2021 | Technology

(AMN) I cringe daily at the 100MBPS Wide Open West Provides.

(97-95MBPS on a good day if the service is even up) I know my complaining may sound like first-world problems, but it is very challenging in a world where speed and reliability are required, especially when working from home.

  1. I cannot connect my smart home to the internet.
  2. I cannot connect all of my devices to the internet
  3. My Max Device supported is four devices. 
  4. Do not even think about using an XBOX when others want to use the internet.

It has become a habit to check out Xfinity’s website and type in my address. I always keep a tiny amount of Hope that service will be available at my address.

Albion Michigan 49224 Wants Xfinity Wifi

The growth of a city requires infrastructure that is not dated.

I kick myself in the pants every time I check Xfinity’s website; Maybe I should have listened to the woman on the street with her child that told me, “Don’t move to Albion, find a house in Marshall.” I did not listen. I fell in love with a house in Albion Michigan, I have spent five years restoring the home to include smart home updates that I cannot turn due to WOW’s inability to provide speeds over 100MBPS.

WOW cannot even support my households internet needs.

To support my home, according to Xfinity, I would need 800MPBP, the equivalent of Eight Internet Connections through WOW, which would cost me about $720.00 a month. I currently pay 80.81 cents a Month for Wide-open West. Xfinity would be cheaper.

Albion is stuck the early 2000’s when it comes to internet speed.

Marshall Michigan has Fiber, and up to 1000MBPS, they are 12.6 Miles from Albion via M199 and only 14.0 Miles via I94. Yet, Albion remains in the dark ages with slow speeds and poor reliability.

An Internet infrastructure update is badly needed in Albion Michigan

An Internet infrastructure update is badly needed. In a world where working from home has become the norm. Albion needs to be able to work remotely without the issues encountered over and over with WOW. ATT is too slow to work remotely; it’s only 22MBPS. Also, those of us who have internet-based companies thrive instead of lag. This slow internet and poor reliability are not going to change with WOW; it will change when Albion has more than two options for internet service.