Anti-Aging A Major Health Benefits of Lifting Weights

Anti-Aging A Major Health Benefits of Lifting Weights

Many Weightlifters will tell one that Weightlifting is better than any other form of exercise. May women avoid lifting weights due to a common misconception they will end up bulky and looking masculine. The very idea that lifting over cardio off balances mainstream and favorite ideas about training.

Weightlifting enhances brain function, reverses sarcopenia, and lowers the death rate in cancer survivors unlike the Garden-variety aerobic exercise changed nothing. Resistance training also reduced death rates by one third which is better than nothing but still evidence that lifting weights is the best way to stay healthy, toned and increase endurance.

Weightlifting is also superior in fighting to age and even reversing it on a cellular level.

According to P. D. Mangan, “Resistance training lowers levels of myostatin, one of the main ways muscle strength and mass are increased since myostatin negatively regulates muscle strength and mass.”

Myostatin increases with age, which helps account for the loss of muscle mass as one gets older. One study suggests that genetically engineered mice have lower levels of myostatin and live about 15% longer than non-genetically engineered counterparts.

Therefore it follows that lowering myostatin through weightlifting should increase lifespan. (Branched-chain amino acids, creatine, and polyphenols from chocolate and tea also decrease myostatin.)

The case for weightlifting as anti-aging just got stronger
So, we get two important facts from this new study:

1. The previous survey which implicated GDF11 in anti-aging processes was incorrect; GDF11 is a pro-aging molecule.
2. GDF11 and myostatin are indeed very similar and have similar effects, inhibiting muscle regeneration, decreasing satellite cell expansion, and increasing with age.

And we know that weightlifting decreases myostatin. Now someone should see whether weightlifting decreases GDF11. I would say it almost inevitably does.

Other forms of exercise can also decrease myostatin, but to my knowledge, there are no direct comparisons of the efficacy of weightlifting versus aerobic or endurance exercise in doing so. However, we know that only weightlifting increases muscle mass, and therefore it follows that weightlifting must decrease myostatin levels more so than endurance training.

The case for weightlifting as an anti-aging intervention just got a lot stronger pumping iron is good for what ails you, and if you are serious about lifespan extension or just your health in general, you should head over to your local gym and start lifting.

Weightlifting as Anti-Aging Strategy