Serving during a Pandemic runs in the Garcia blood

Serving during a Pandemic runs in the Garcia blood

By: Paige Turner | AMN | 4/22/2020, 4:43 pm

Ronda Garcia is making Masks to protect Albion Residents during the COVID-19 Pandemic like her Great Grandfather. The latter assisted the sick during the Spanish Flu Pandemic and gave his life serving those in need.

Before the Pandemic, Ronda Garcia was getting ready to start making clothes for her granddaughter’s Barbie Dolls. Ronda’s daughter, who works at a Plant, scheduled her back to work, Ronda decided to make sure she was safe and made her daughter a mask.

Ronda rounded up her fabric; she wanted to make sure her daughter’s co-workers were also protected. Her daughter’s Supervisor noticed the employees wearing the Masks Ronda made. The Plant Manager had seen the employees wearing Masks and, he reached out to Ronda and asked if she could make forty masks. She would be compensated at the rate of five dollars per Mask.

Ronda is also the owner of six rescue cats, and she also fosters cats for Friends of Albion’s Animals (FOAA). Amy Plassman from FOAA was at Ronda’s home, picking up a foster cat to transport to the vet when Amy noticed the Masks and inquired how much the Masks were to purchase. Ronda responded with the masks being five dollars per Mask.

Ronda knew that Friends of Albion’s Animals had to cancel their Spring fundraisers because of the Pandemic. Ronda told Amy she would make Masks for FOAA to raise money for their organization. FOAA then donated all the required materials for Ronda to continue making masks.

As of 4/21/20, Ronda had created thirty-seven uniquely styled masks in a single day. She is not selling them and has stated that they will need to go through Friends of Albion’s Animals to acquire one of her unique masks.

Ronda is hoping that with her making a mask that she too can help and possibly save a life. If people would like to acquire a mask, they can contact Friends of Albion’s Animals on Facebook.