Pause to Save Lives has Extended through Dec. 20

Pause to Save Lives has Extended through Dec. 20

December 7, 2020 Calhoun County Public Health Department (AMN) – Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) have extended the Pause to Save Lives through Dec. 20. The 12-day continuation of this MDHHS order extends the limitations already in place, such as no indoor dining at restaurants, nor in-person learning for high schools and colleges.

Information about the MDHHS Epidemic Order can be found at,

The Calhoun County Public Health Department urges all restaurants to continue to follow these public health guidelines in order to reduce spread of the virus in our community. These guidelines are the best mechanism for curbing a problem that has been ongoing in Calhoun.

If a business does not follow this order, action will be taken by the Public Health Department to protect the health of our community. Violations will be dealt with through the public health code.

The new order identifies specific metrics individuals can monitor to understand where Michigan stands in managing this crisis. The metrics that the state will monitor are, hospital capacity, overall case counts, and positivity rate. All of this can be monitored on the state’s website, Falling metrics, not stagnant, must be seen in order for changes to be made.

While Calhoun County Health Officer Eric Pessell understands the stress these restrictions place on local businesses and restaurants, he insists that following these protocols are critical for the stability of our healthcare system. Although progress has been seen in recent days, it is early to gauge the extent of a Thanksgiving surge, and this extension is the best solution for dealing with COVID-19.

“We have come so far trying to defeat this virus, and we still have work to do,” said Pessell. “We understand this is difficult for restaurants, and hopefully we are moving in a direction that will allow MDHHS Director Gordon to open up indoor dining areas as soon as Dec. 20. Until then, we must all work together to knock this virus down and assure we have continued access to our hospitals.”

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