Not the Gingerbread Mans Buttons!

Not the Gingerbread Mans Buttons!

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Gingerbread Man from Shrek

Woman Sexualizes Gingerbread and talks about her husband’s genitalia in a letter to the editor.

Alex Kearney| Freelance | 12/12/2020 | Opinion

She gives the dictionary definition of Inappropriate and a rather negative opinion of Albion residents, all while stating we are uncouth and lack understanding of the word inappropriate. 

She equated now libeled writers and correlated them to bullies for speaking out and not staying silent. If anyone was harassed, it is the Residents of Albion who had to witness an elected official attempt to use her clout to mute them. 

She wrote, “a long-beloved member of our community, was harassed because she spoke about the inappropriateness of standing n public streets, bolding signs broad Casting: “F*CK the Police.”

This city council member dared to motion to discuss the censoring of Albion citizens. This member attempted to remove the First Amendment Rights of Albion Residents under the ruse of “Discussion of Profanity in Public.” or “Disturbers of the Peace” Then, Ex-Mayor Dave states, ” This is not an Issue of Censorship. This whole conversation can be found on the 10/05/2020 City Council Meeting Video at 1:05:36.” 

City Council Meeting 10/05/2020

They were shot down immediately and embarrassingly by the City Attorney who did state it was unconstitutional and cited Cohen v. California, 403 U.S. 15 (1971), was a landmark decision of the U.S. Supreme Court holding that the First Amendment prevented the conviction of Paul Robert Cohen for the crime of disturbing the peace by wearing a jacket displaying “F*ck the Draft” in the public corridors of a California courthouse. The Court ultimately found that displaying a mere four-letter word was not sufficient justification for allowing states to restrict free speech and that free speech can be restricted only under severe circumstances beyond offensiveness. The ruling set a precedent used in future cases concerning the power of states to regulate free speech in order to maintain public civility.

Yes, everyone stayed silent, and nobody came to the defense of said city council member because the actions and intentions were inappropriate. 

The First Amendment states that: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. 

This moment will forever be caught on video where the City Attorney publicly educates both the Ex-Mayor and the City Council Member. Her call to ban words was and will always be unconstitutional. She could not call to silence the Albion Standing Protestors. 

If anyone is being pilloried, it is those who decided not to sit down and allow themselves to become censored and silenced by the vocal minority. 

She then states her extreme displeasure with Albion Standing by saying, “Two weeks later a protest washed on the steps of City Hall with demonstrators trying their best to cancel The City Council Members freedom of speech while shouting expletives over and over.

“They further expressed their right to freedom of speech by discussing the mayor’s genitalia aided by a bullhorn; again, the community as a whole remained silent.” 

Historic Bohm Theater Photo Blue Skyworks Studios
Historic Bohm Theater Photo Blue Skyworks Studios

She goes on to say, “Well, here we are in December; the downtown businesses stepped forward last Friday 12/4/2020 and carried out a cherished community tradition “Albion Aglow” Winter Parade. The store fronts holiday decorations in anticipation.

Among the displays was our community treasure the historic Bohm Theater windows replete with colorful, art and she goes on to sexualize gingerbread. This statement is odd without the photo.

She wrote “who thought it appropriate for the Gingerbread Man to be portrayed with both hands prominently cupped between his legs, exclaiming “Oh No! Not the buttons.” Consider if the character was a Gingerbread Woman, hands cupping her breasts Oh No! Not the buttons?”

My perception sees a guise in the letter to the editor. The camouflage of appropriateness used to libel and shame Albion Michigan News and Albion Standing for not staying quiet while a specific city-council member attempted to remove residents’ freedoms.

This person is going to continue to bluenose in order to maintain relevance instead of using the extra time to better the community and create a positive, inclusive environment. Yet she continues negative, divisive rhetoric with bonus sexualized food and references to her husbands Schwengel which make the whole article a good laugh and worth reading.

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