Meet Councilwoman Lenn Reid

Meet Councilwoman Lenn Reid

When did you decide you wanted to become a council member?

“I had been asked several times by Mr. Charles Snyder to run for Precinct 2 after he decided to not run again but at the time I was teaching and didn’t feel I had the time to do both. I chose teaching. There came a time when the city had to repair a water problem in the street and had to dug up the end of my driveway and broke up the sidewalk in front of my house but always had an excuse when I asked that it be fixed.  I decided to run for office because I felt it was unfair and tax paying citizens should be treated that way.    I won, they fixed the problem.”

What made you want to join the council?

“I wanted to know why some things were like they were and to assist people who need help with things as well as being able to help the city and the citizen move forward  towards positive change.”

What are your goals for your district?

“I want to see my district improve its image by cleaning up their property so that it looks presentable, making repairs, such as painting ect… where needed.  I am checking into programs that may assist with this. I would also like to see people being more responsible about littering which is a problem.”

 Are you from Albion?

“I was born in Alabama but my family moved to Albion when I was 2 years old.”

In what ways do you see Albion growing as a community?

“I can remember when my family came to Albion, it was in the growing process.  The downtown had many stores.  There were 3 grocery stores but there were racial problems.  African Americans could not sit on the main floor of the Bohm Theater, you were followed around when you went into stores.  The roller skating rink only allowed blacks to skate 1 night a week for, I think it was, 2 hours.

Whites had more days and hours. Seldom were blacks admitted to the hospital and not all doctors serviced African Americans.  People like Rev. Wheeler, Mr. Mcintosh, Mr. Holland, Mr. Boggan and I’m sure there were more began to stand up for the African American population of Albion and things began to change. Now today we’ve gone full circle.  Nationally we are in a mess , more racial tension and in Albion we are experiencing some problems but Albion has some very nice folks that are not going to buy into  Albion bringing the past back.  Albion is going to continue moving forward.”

In what ways can Albion and the community improve?

“I think Albion is on it’s way forward again but I think in order to continue it moving forward we are going to have to invest in the youth.  Albion offers very little in the way of challenging our teen agers.  We need to find some activity for our young people to participate in that will encourage character building, things will help them stay out of trouble and  hopefully with some funds so they  can also learn to monitor their finances (save money).  I also think that the adults should attend the meetings that are set to help them.  These meeting allows them to get first hand information , it allows them to ask questions and give their opinion. It’s hard to have change when you don’t do anything to help make it.  You’ve got to play an active part if you want to see positive change.”

How can the council reach out to the citizens of Albion?

“The council has meeting the 1st and 3rd  Monday.  Usually there is not many people at the meeting if unless there’s a problem.  Council people call precinct meeting and seldom is there more than 3- 4 people that attend.  When you attend the meeting it gives you a platform to voice your opinion and question things you don’t understand.  Each council member, if they have not made their information available to you, you can e-mail them or send them a letter through city hall.”

What are your goals for as a council member for 2019?

“Get ourselves back on track in making Albion the fantastic place that can and needs to be.

I want to get the pavilion placed in Holland Park so there can be more family gatherings.  I plan work with others to get a canoe launch placed and hopefully the Albion Street bridge. I plan to continue to do all I can to help our council help our city.”

How can members of your district reach you?

“Telephone, e-mail, council meetings.  If you don’t have my number you can reach me through city hall and I will be sure to  get with you.”

Are you looking forward to this year’s events?

“Juneteenth, Big Read, French Market, Festival of the Forks, Swinging at the Shell, working in Holland Park.”

What are your favorite events in the city?  (Which do you look forward to the most)?

“All of them, I look forward to the Festival of the Forks because a lot of family and friends come back to Albion for the Festival.”

Who are you rooting for in the NCAA March Madness Tournament?

“Michigan State.  That’s my school”

Are you looking forward to hiking or biking the trails as temperatures warm up?

“No, but you will find me in Holland park”

What is your favorite spot in the City?

“My home with the play yard I have fixed for my great-grands, and next is HOLLAND PARK!”