Meet Albion Councilmember Spicer

Meet Albion Councilmember Spicer

When did you decide you wanted to be a Council member?

I decided in (Spring) 2016.  

What made you want to join the council?

Being a lifelong Albion resident, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to give back to my hometown.  Then Precinct 5 council member was not running for re-election. So, I decided to run, and my constituents elected me.  

What are your goals for your District?

The 5th Precinct is part of the North Eaton Street district.  I’d like to see more jobs in the area as well as some necessary road repairs.  I was elected to the council in 2016.  In 2017 I was able to get the consensus of the council (convince the council) to repair areas of Ford Road and Terpenning. Street.

In what ways do you see Albion growing as a community?

I see the development happening downtown.  I’m excited about that and encourage it to continue.  I’d like to see not only the downtown district flourish but also the uptown area.  Austin Avenue historically was an African American community with stores, gas stations, and restaurants.  I’d love to see Austin Avenue area revitalized.

In what ways can Albion and the community improve?

I’d like to see more coming together of the residents.  We need a meeting of the minds where we can agree to move forward together.

How can the Council better reach out to the citizens of Albion?

In 2017 I held a precinct meeting at the Washington Gardener Jr. High to discuss then citywide and precinct issues but specifically the medical marijuana grow issues being located in Albion.  Last year in 2018 I held a neighborhood precinct meeting where residents of the 5th precinct came and spoke with me at the Marshall Opportunity High School. I’d like to see more of that with all council members where constituents can come voice their opinion and ideas.  I haven’t yet nailed down a date for 2019 but I’m hoping for this to happen sometime around May. 

 How can the Citizens of Albion reach the Council?

Residents can reach us by phone.  The Councils phone numbers are available on my business card and also available at City Hall.   We can also be reached via email and at the Council meetings every first and third Monday.  Residents can meet with us before or after the council meeting.  There is also the City Website where our contact information is provided.

 What are your goals as a Council-member for 2019?

My goal for 2019 is to continue to push business development in the city as well as bringing residents together to get their opinions and ideas on how they’d like to see the city move forward.

How can members of your District reach you for questions or concerns?

Phone: 517-960-9615, Email: 

In what ways do you believe the Community itself could improve?

If we could come together as a community and create a climate of togetherness instead of division that makes our community more attractive. 

Are you looking forward to this year’s events? 

Always look forward to Festival of the Forks,  I like the Blues at The Bohm and activities at the Brewery.

Which do you look forward to the most?

Festival of the Forks

Which sports team do you root for?

I worked in Lansing for over fifteen years and you can not work in Lansing without a Spartans.  Spartans.  You can’t work in Lansing and not be a Spartans fan.  They had a good season, and I was happy this far.  

Are you looking forward to hiking or biking the trails as temperatures warm up?

I think that the trails are an awesome addition to Albion.  I’m planning to attempt to bike it.  

What is your favorite spot in the City?

I like Holland Park, Victory Park, and Charlies for their pizza.

Is there anything you’d like to add before we close the interview?

When I decided to run my five priorities were transparency in City gov, demolishing dilapidated structures, and eliminating blight, attracting employers and jobs, exploring options for an Urgent Care facility and creating opportunity for new housing development.  I’m proud of my accomplishments.

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