Mathew Johnson’s resignation comes nine days after accosting Hazel Lias

Mathew Johnson’s resignation comes nine days after accosting Hazel Lias

Mathew Johnson’s resignation comes nine days after accosting Hazel Lias in front of dozens of witnesses at an Albion College-sponsored Basketball tournament, Tuesday, December 14, 2021. The Board of Trustees of Albion College is searching nationally for a new president after accepting the resignation of Dr. Mathew Johnson. 

Mathew Johnson will serve as president of the Commission for Public Purpose in Higher Education in partnership with the Carnegie Foundation. The Commission is responsible for the stewardship and continuous development of the primary and elective classification systems of higher education institutions. 

Albion College Board of Trustees is evaluating search firms for a new president. It will convene a search committee of faculty, staff, alumni, student, and community leaders to identify its 18th president.

Albion College Board of Trustees appointed trustee Joseph S. Calvaruso as Albion College Interim President, and his appointment is effective immediately. Mr. Calvaruso, Albion College Class of 1978, traces his family’s roots back five generations in Albion, Michigan. 

Calvaruso recently retired as executive director for the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation in Grand Rapids after a career that included nearly three decades in banking. 

Board Chair Michael J. Harrington, Albion College Class of 1985, cites the Covid19 pandemic for Johnson’s performance issues. According to Michael J. Harrington, “Mathew joined Albion College during one of the most tumultuous periods of the past century,” he said.

Board Chair Michael J. Harrington

Board Chair Michael J. Harrington said that Johnson did not have a playbook on how to navigate a global pandemic. Harrington praised Dr. Johnson’s decision-making and leadership abilities. 

Albion College Board’s Opinion

According to the Albion College Board of Trustees, Doctor Johnson has a long list of accomplishments during his time in Albion:

  • Johnson opened a School for Public Purpose and Professional Advancement, which will expand experiential and professional learning opportunities to become a national model for a new, engaged approach to the liberal arts and establish the Curtis Institute for Race and Belonging.
  • He Strengthened the new Cutler Center for Student Success and Academic Achievement, which brings together all academic success services in one location to support educational excellence for all students.
  • He launched the new Office of Belonging and the Blueprint for Belonging, a multi-year process in which all departments on campus create actionable continuous improvement goals to solidify the College’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • He constructed a vision to significantly restructure financial operations and capital structure to ensure the College’s sustainability, securing a BBB+ bond rating.

An Albion Residents Opinion

From an Albion Resident’s Bias Opinion; Some of Johnson’s other noticeable accomplishments while Albion College President Include: 

  • He Fueled Student and Faculty unrest, which manifested in protests, petitions, and anonymous manifestos.
  • He Purchased more Albion properties for Albion College, an entity that does not pay taxes, further eroding the tax revenue for the city of Albion. 
  • He inserted himself into Marshall Public Schools Bond Vote and Lobbied for an Albion College/MPS Partnership. 
  • He presented himself as a Transformational Leader while acting like an Authoritarian Dictator. 
  • He assaulted a senior citizen at a Basketball game.  
  • He has accumulated two thousand, three hundred and sixty-seven signatures requesting his removal from office on