Marshall Public School Board Hosts Dumpster Fire of a Meeting 10.11.21.

Marshall Public School Board Hosts Dumpster Fire of a Meeting 10.11.21.

Albion Michigan’s Current Mayor and Former Mayor weigh in on School Board Presidents Ethics, Incorrect Statements and Agreements in regards to building a New School in Albion.

Albion Mayor Garcia Snyder spoke on Monday night at the Marshall Public School Board Meeting held at the Bohm Theater downtown Albion Michigan.

Mayor Victoria Snyder
Current Albion Michigan Mayor Victoria Garcia Snyder
Mayor Victoria Garcia Snyder Addresses Marshall Public Schools Board Meeting 10.11.21

Current Albion Mayor Victoria Garcia Snyder wants the Marshall Public School Board to set the record straight. The April 24th, 2021, special city council meeting agenda included the placement of the YMCA in the Washington Gardner Building, the Development of a Senior Housing Community, and the building of a new Elementary School Adjacent to the Washington Gardner Building on Property that was not owned at the time by Albion College. Both the YMCA and Senior Housing Community Group have backed out and are no longer interested in the Washington Gardener Site. Mayor Garcia Snyder wants the School Board and Community to know the April 24th, 2021, Special City Council Meeting did not vote to approve a new Elementary School in or Next to the Washington Gardner Building that the Vote was 5-2 only in support for a public and private partnership nothing more.

Dave Atchison
Former Albion Michigan Mayor Dave Atchison
Former Albion Mayor Dave Atchison Addresses Marshall Public School Board Meeting 10.11.21

Former Albion Michigan Mayor Dave Atchison would have liked the school board to vote on the school location. Both Albion and Marshall residents are concerned about the placement of a new elementary school building if erected. Mr. Atchison read The Code of Ethics Per-The Michigan Board of Education to the MSP School Board and Suggested the School Board President not vote on the location due to his relationship with Albion College.

The Speech Former Mayor Dave Atchison Presented

Marshall Public Schools Board of Education,

Citizens residing in the area served by the Marshall Public School District strenuously object to the president of our school board simultaneously serving as the paid legal counsel representing Albion College while the school board is deliberating on matters which involve Albion College.  On behalf of the fifty (50) residents in the school district which have signed the attached petition, we formally request President Lindsey recuse himself from any school board actions which involve or in any way potentially affect any partnership between the Marshall Public School District and Albion College.  (The petition has not been attached to this article for personal privacy)

President Lindsey’s personal conduct violates the Michigan Code of Educational Ethics, promulgated by the Michigan Department of Education.  A copy of the code is attached.   I draw your attention to Section 1 Responsibility to the Profession, subsection A 5.  and A. 6.; in addition to Section 2 Responsibility for Professional Competence, subsection B. 6.

   1. A. 5:   Refraining from professional or personal activity that may lead to reducing one’s effectiveness within the school community.  President Lindsey’s dual status has raised allegations of Conflict of Interest by dozens and dozens of residents within the MPS district.  President Lindsey has undermined the public’s trust in the school board and allowed his personal conduct to create such ill will in the community that it is seriously threatening the likelihood the $45.6 million school bond will pass on 2 November.  By refusing to adhere to ethical standards and professional conduct as specified within the Michigan Code of Educational Standards, President Lindsey has clearly reduced his own effectiveness  and that of other school board members; thereby violating the Michigan Code of Educational Ethics..

   1. A. 6:  Avoiding the use of one’s position for personal gain and avoiding the appearance of impropriety.   There is no doubt that President Lindsey is being paid by Albion College as Attorney Lindsey, a partner in the law firm of Abbott, Thomson, Mauldin, Parker, Beer & Rick, P.L.C., in Jackson, Michigan.  The public perception is Attorney Lindsey was hired BECAUSE of his position on the MPS School board and the advantages such a position would deliver to Albion College in dealing with the MPS District Board of Education.  Further, the appearance of Mr. Lindsey’s ongoing relationship has created a substantial appearance of impropriety.  These concerns have been repeatedly brought to President Lindsey’s attention.  President Lindsey refuses to consider the damage to the public’s trust in the MPS District School Board his conduct has caused.  By his actions, President Lindsey has clearly failed to avoid the appearance of impropriety, thereby violating the Michigan Code of Educational Ethics.

  2.B. 6. Using data, data sources, or findings accurately and reliably.   President Lindsey made a false public statement at the 26 April 2021 School Board meeting during BOARD MEMBERS COMMENTS.  President Lindsey said that during a special meeting of the Albion City Council over the weekend (Saturday 24 April 2021), the Council voted on their support of Albion College as the location of the new proposed elementary schoolby a split vote of 5 in favor and 2 opposed.  This statement violated the ethical requirement to use data and findings accurately and reliably.    President Lindsey misled both the Board of Education and the public by his actions.  The false statement made by President Lindsey has often been repeated in the school district.  Mayor Garcia-Snyder has formally requested the board correct it’s official minutes for the 26 April 2021 board meeting.  President Lindsey has thereby violated the Michigan Code of Educational Ethicsby making a false official statement and failing to use data accurately. 

THEREFORE, the residents across the MPS District hereby request the following:

1. President Lindsey recuse himself from all school board matters involving Albion College; and 

2. President Lindsey make a public statement at the 25 October 2021 School Board meeting correcting his previous false statement; and 

3. The Board of Education officially correct the minutes for the 26 April 2021 meeting.

Dave Atchison

The Current School Board President is on So Many Boards; some people wonder if he sleeps in his car to attend all the meetings.

The October 11th, 2021 School Board Meeting venue was located where he is a Director. The acoustics for the meeting made those who chose to speak up inaudible, and one might say the speaker was silenced at times. Thanks to modern technology, the noise has been filtered from the audio and the silenced speakers’ voices amplified.

Former Mayor Dave Atchison also mentioned that Albion College employs the School Board President. Mr. Atchison also Stated that Mr. Richard Chester Lindsey Jr should recuse himself from voting for the Possible New Schools’ Build Location due to his financial stake in the decision.

President of the Marshall Public School Board Affiliations

So Many Boards Where Do They Find The Time?

Besides the Boards listed on LARA, both Mr. Richard Chester Lindsey Jr and his lifelong High School buddy Matthew Davis of Rosemary Davis Realty reside on the Marshall Public School Board and the Marshall Area Economic Development Alliance board (MAEDA) together.

How does he do it? The man has more energy than a twelve-year-old boy after drinking multiple energy drinks.

Not only is he the President of the Marshall Public School Board, The Director of Friends of the Bohm Theater, Director of Albion Health Care Alliance, Director of Hope House One and Two, Director of the Cronin Foundation, Director of PDH/CRC Inc, Summit Pointe Board Vice President, Albion College Finance and Administration, and Abbot, Thomson, Mauldin, Parker, Beer and Rick P.L.C

Putting The Cart Before The Horse.

On 4/27/2021, Most polls do not allow multiple responses from the same computer. Still, it is being stated numerous reactions from the same IP Address voted for the Watson St location make the survey invalid. This inability to utilize information technology effectively is why there is not a proper survey. Due to the continued lack of transparency and ineptitude from the Marshall Public School Board, there isn’t data to make a valid and democratic decision.

One can only guess the reason they do not put out a new survey. 

1) They cannot figure out how to set up a new survey that limits voting multiple times. 

2) They have already made up their minds on a Location and do not care what the public wants.

Superfund Sites and the School Build Location

What is all this babble about Superfund Sites; isn’t it just a place to get many funds like a supermarket for money? Um… No; A Superfund site is one of the most polluted locations in the United States, requiring a long-term response to clean up hazardous material contaminations. They were designated under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) of 1980.

The Marshall School Board Keeps Pushing; the Washington Gardner Location is only 105.06 feet away from multiple active superfund sites, which is too close for some parents to comfort that highly polluted locations aren’t even a city block away from the proposed playgrounds. Please Note the average city block is 311.00 feet long.

According to Design Everest “The cost implications of soil testing will depend on the size and site of the proposed project. Usually, the soil is tested prior to the engineering design to provide necessary information for this phase, and the cost would range from $3000 to $5000. Although expensive, this is often a valuable investment to reduce construction costs and ensure the structure is properly supported.

Superfund: CERCLA Overview

The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), commonly known as Superfund, was enacted by Congress on December 11, 1980. This law created a tax on the chemical and petroleum industries and provided broad Federal authority to respond directly to releases or threatened releases of hazardous substances that may endanger public health or the environment. Over five years, $1.6 billion was collected and the tax went to a trust fund for cleaning up abandoned or uncontrolled hazardous waste sites. The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980 (CERCLA):

  • established prohibitions and requirements concerning closed and abandoned hazardous waste sites;
  • provided for liability of persons responsible for releases of hazardous waste at these sites; and
  • established a trust fund to provide for cleanup when no responsible party could be identified.

The law authorizes two kinds of response actions:

  • Short-term removals, where actions may be taken to address releases or threatened releases requiring prompt response.
  • Long-term remedial response actions, that permanently and significantly reduce the dangers associated with releases or threats of releases of hazardous substances that are serious, but not immediately life threatening. These actions can be conducted only at sites listed on EPA’s National Priorities List .

CERCLA also enabled the revision of the National Contingency Plan (NCP). The NCP provided the guidelines and procedures needed to respond to releases and threatened releases of hazardous substances, pollutants, or contaminants. The NCP also established the National Priorities List.

CERCLA was amended by the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act  on October 17, 1986.

U.S. House of Representatives U.S. Code – Title 42

Here is a new Survey

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No Matter What way one votes remember to be kind.