Keep Lucy Jo in your thoughts and prayers.

Keep Lucy Jo in your thoughts and prayers.

👨‍⚕️UPDATE: Lucy Jo’s handler spoke to doctor, and he stated the surgery was a SUCCESS!


I am asking everyone to keep me in your thoughts today as I am undergoing surgery at Dogwood Veterinary Referral Center by Dr. Holahan for a ruptured disc. They specialize in neurology. I have been experiencing pain for a while now and have exhausted all other recommended treatments. I will be using some accumulated sick time for approximately eight weeks or longer depending on my recovery. My human handler (PSO Karilynn Noppe) will continue to serve the citizens of Albion, while I’m on sick leave.
I look forward to working and serving you again as soon as I am able. Stock up on all those hugs and treats, and I’ll be stockpiling my slobbering kisses for the wonderful business community and citizens of which I serve.💋❤️