Health Department Reveals Redesigned Logo

Health Department Reveals Redesigned Logo

(AMN) – The Calhoun County Public Health Department (CCPHD) has a new logo to signify the singular role of the county’s public health authority. In the last two years, CCPHD staff have shown their ability to lead our community through a pandemic competently. As we continue to monitor low transmission rates of COVID-19, the new logo is meant to identify the Public Health Department’s service to the community beyond emergency response. The Health Department is hoping this new logo will demonstrate our unique identity and core values, while its similarity to the Calhoun County Government seal symbolizes our commitment to the County’s overall mission.

Designed to work effortlessly across digital and physical channels, the new logo design focuses on public health and the state of Michigan. The emblem pays homage to the community’s and CCPHD’s shared vision to have the healthiest community for all residents. The two colors represent our tie to Calhoun County Government and depict the public health cross, for the three core functions of public health—prevent, promote, protect. The intent of the new logo is to raise awareness and increase the visibility of our Health Department in Calhoun County.

“While our name remains the same, we’ve developed this logo to increase awareness of public health in Calhoun County,” said Eric Pessell, Health Officer. “This innovative and modern logo will represent the health department for years to come; our branding will continue to explain our mission and vision as we continue to work with residents and community organizations.”

CCPHD’s new logo release falls on an important week for the Health Department; National Public Health Week. Observed April 4-10, the week aims to highlight public health achievements and improve the general health of the American people by promoting and educating on various health issues. We can reduce the effects and consequences of many health conditions and diseases by preventing their onset or tackling symptoms or issues early on through health education and health awareness campaigns. There is a dedicated website for National Public Health Week (, which includes many shareable resources.

Every day, CCPHD staff perform services for the public in ways that are invisible to the people in the communities they serve. COVID-19 has made this work more visible and demonstrated the invaluable nature of this work in keeping our community healthy and safe. With this new logo, CCPHD will add specific recognition alongside the other first responders in our community, raise awareness of the value of public health among policymakers and the public, and increase recognition for the public health employees who work tirelessly for their community.

The logo was designed in partnership with BluFish Consulting, LLC agency. CCPHD previously worked with BluFish on PSA COVID-19 messaging for vaccination and testing awareness. The new logo may be viewed on the CCPHD’s Facebook channel.