Election Day 2020 – Calhoun County Clerk & Register of Deeds

Election Day 2020 – Calhoun County Clerk & Register of Deeds

Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020 – Today Is Election Day!Today is the long-awaited GENERAL PRESIDENTIAL Election Day! The polls open at 7:00 am this morning and will remain open throughout the day until 8:00 pm. All 58 precincts in Calhoun County are open for voting, so if you have not already voted absentee visit your regular polling location to cast your vote.
This is a HUGE ballot, be careful to observe the ‘Vote for not more than X’ for each office so you don’t overvote; however, it is not necessary to vote for the maximum number of candidates allowed in each office. It is not necessary to vote every office. The Partisan section includes offices from US President to County and Township officials. Voters have the option of selecting ‘Straight Party’ which automatically awards a vote to each Partisan candidate in the party selected, without marking each individual candidate. Voters may also ‘Split’ their Ticket by voting Straight Party and voting for individual candidates of your choice from a different party, no party affiliation or casting a write-in vote. A ‘Mixed Ticket’ simply means voting directly for individual candidates of your choice.
The Non-Partisan section includes Judicial, City and Village offices, Community College and School District officials.

The Proposal section includes 2 State Proposals and one County Proposal. You will have additional local proposals if you live in Marshall City, Tekonsha Township, or Homer Community School District. All proposal language is posted on our 2020 Elections webpage.
You may also View Your Sample Ballot online prior to going to the polls … check it out at www.mi.gov/vote. Look for the green VIEW box.
If you are not registered at your current residence and have resided there at 30 days or more, you can visit your local clerk’s office today before 8:00p to register and obtain an absentee ballot.
Voters are encouraged to wear face coving when entering the precinct, and remember to take your photo ID with you today. Here is some additional Election Day Voter Information. UNOFFICIAL GENERAL ELECTION RESULTS will be reported after the polls close on Election Night. All results are sent directly to the county from the precinct, via safe secure cellular modem, or through Remote Transmission from the local clerk’s office. Results will be updated throughout the night until all 58 Calhoun County precincts have reported and 100% appears. (Note: we will be reporting 14 additional precincts from outside Calhoun County but encompass our School Districts. Also, precinct and absent voter counting board results may be sent to the County at different times; so some results may appear in a precinct without showing 100% reported; 44 of our 58 precincts have separate absent voter counting boards.) Click ‘Detailed Results’ to see which precincts have reported: white indicates precinct has not reported, yellow means precinct is partially reported (as explained above), and green means all results for the precinct have reported. Again, unofficial results are not complete until 100% appears!

When 100% reporting is listed these figures will include all absentee votes cast, as well as unofficial write-in votes. Provisional Votes, if any, will be tabulated within 6 days following the election.
Additional November Election tid-bits:

  • As of 11/02/2020 7:17 PM: 35,183 AV ballots have been issued in Calhoun County; 30,741 have been returned (leaving 4,442 outstanding). This represents 87.37% returned.
  • As of 11/01/2020 Calhoun County has 106,478 registered voters. 

Here is some November Voter Turnout History:

  • Nov. 2016: 100,699 registered voters in Calhoun County, 59.31% turnout (Trump / Clinton)
  •  Nov. 2012: 101,044 … 58.33% turnout ( Romney / Obama)
  •  Nov. 2008: 104,109 … 62.17% turnout (McCain / Obama)
  •  Nov. 2004:  99,693 … 63.26% turnout (Bush / Kerry)
  •  Nov. 2000: 59.5% turnout (Bush / Gore)

Remember voting is a privilege, exercise your right to vote on this historic day, Tuesday, November 3, 2020! For information, contactChief Deputy Clerk of Elections, Teri LoewTelephone: 269.781.0988Email: tloew@calhouncountymi.gov
Marshall Office315 W Green St., Marshall, MI 49068Telephone: 269-781-0707Fax: 269-781-0721Clerk and Register of Deeds/Election Services
Battle Creek Office161 E Michigan Ave., Battle Creek, MI 49014Clerk’s Office Telephone: 269-969-6908Circuit Court Clerk’s Office Telephone: 269-969-6518Email: Clerk-ROD@calhouncountymi.gov