Companies introduce tires for agriculture

Companies introduce tires for agriculture

Farm Progress staff | Dec 29, 2020

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Some tires today cost more than a midsize tractor did 60 or 70 years ago. So, when you’re buying tires, you want to make sure you get not only quality tires, but also tires built and designed specifically for how you are going to use them around your farm.

For example, if you have a spreader, trailer or slurry wagon, Michelin had you in mind when it designed and built the Michelin Trailxbib tire. In fact, spokespeople say input from farmers around the globe went into developing and testing this tire for a specialty segment of agriculture.

Michelin VF Ultraflex technology built into this tire helps reduce soil compaction often generated by the equipment carrying these tires. The tire also has a special design that helps it self-clean, which is important when dealing with spreaders and slurry wagons.Related: Streamline forage making, livestock handling

Titan has spent years developing its Low Sidewall technology to provide tires that run at low air inflation pressure to limit soil compaction, but which can provide years of solid performance under normal conditions. Titan is proud of the fact that for 2021, you can order Titan LSW Super Single tires as factory-installed equipment on three models of John Deere “R” series tractors.

Goodyear Farm Tires, also in the Titan stable, introduced a specialty tire primarily designed for soil scrapers. The large Opti-torque tire can stand up to the loads and rugged terrain that soil scrapers typically encounter.

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