Collaboration Corner Meeting 5-6-2019

Collaboration Corner Meeting 5-6-2019

Updated May 7, 2019 11:45 A.M. –

May 6, 2019 – Albion, MI (AMN): Albion Residents are saying “No” to the proposed parking area at Collaboration Corner. “Don’t take our parks.” Residents overwhelmingly are against the the proposed Oaklawn idea to convert 75% of Collaboration Corner into Oaklawn Urgent Care parking spaces. One resident was concerned that this was only a “short term plan” by Oaklawn and eventually the corporation would attempt to convert 100% of Collaboration Corner into parking. Two local resident including Mayor Atchison were the only one’s in attendance whom voiced approval for the parking lot during comments suggesting it would support the community and Oaklawn.  The Mayor is attempting to push forward with the parking lot against the wishes of residents.  Former Mayor Joe Domingo recently voiced concern stating,  “It took 40 years to clean this corner up and now they want to make it into a parking lot!” Many Albionites seasoned and new have floated the idea to Oaklawn about adding the six sought out spaces to the already vast parking lot behind the Urgent Care facility.  The proposed concept art was designed by PEA, Inc. of Brighton, MI. The PEA representative stated that the concept on hand “was the best of three” that were discussed between PEA, Calhoun County Landbank, and Oaklawn. You can visit the PEA FACEBOOK PAGE. Residents were initially promised by Oaklawn Representative Richard Lindsey that “the park would not be touched.” Mr. Lindsey conveniently forgot his promise to all community residents. He stated that “that’s not what he meant to say.” The fact that Oaklawn is going back on its promise to the community shocked nearly all in attendance. Many residences have literally put their blood, sweat and tears into the park and nobody wants see that hard work vanish. The overwhelming opinion as stated best by one of the many residents, “We hate this idea, we don’t need more parking lots.” The Calhoun County Landbank, Oaklawn Medical, and Albion College will be coming forth to the community with further ideas on parking options. We will have to wait to see if despite the opposition another parking lots will be shoved down Albion’s throat & another greenspace destroyed.  If you missed the meeting you can contact the Calhoun County Landbank, Oaklawn Community Representatives.  

Concept Presented at Collaboration Corner Townhall

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