Caster Concepts Inc. Expands Its Commitment  To Civic Engagement and Service

Caster Concepts Inc. Expands Its Commitment To Civic Engagement and Service

September 10, 2019 Albion (AMN) – Fulfilling its core value of community service and commitment to corporate social responsibility, Caster Concepts, Inc. (CCI) of Albion, MI today launched Caster Cares, the company’s philanthropic arm to better support and coordinate all of CCI’s current and future community service activities. 

“Service to the City of Albion, a community that has supported us from the very beginning, has always been a core value of CCI,” said Bill Dobbins, CEO of CCI. “Now, with all of our philanthropic and community service activities under the Caster Cares umbrella, we’ll be better able to serve the City and people of Albion at this important juncture in its history. After years of decline, Albion is back; growing and prospering with new energy and life.”

Initiatives already underway include:

  • Caster Cares is giving back to the people and City of Albion through participation in food drives, toy drives, and other civic activities. 

  • Caster Cares is supporting science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education through the Albion Innovation Hub, a space for high school robotics teams from throughout the region to design, build and test robots. 

  • Caster Cares is helping Albion’s business community grow with a variety of programs and services, including marketing support for small businesses through its own marketing department. 

“We believe in giving back to the community that has always supported us and where our employees and their families live,” said Dobbins. “We’ve always encouraged our employees to be active in our community, and we’ve always supported the continued growth of Albion. Caster Cares will allow us to better coordinate our philanthropic and civic activities.”

About Caster Cares

Caster Cares is the philanthropic arm of Caster Concepts, Inc., a company that believes in giving back to the community in which it and its employees live. It works with other civic groups in its home, Albion, MI and beyond, to support regional growth and economic development. Albion is a city on the move and Caster Cares is involved in all aspects of its rebirth and renewal. 

Caster Cares supports education through the Innovation Hub in downtown Albion, business growth through programs designed to help the region’s small business community, and the people of Albion through participation in food drives, toy drives and other civic activities.