Live Updates: Notre Dame Cathedral Fire.

Live Updates: Notre Dame Cathedral Fire.

April 16, 2019 (AMN) – The fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has been extinguished. The news spread far and wide Monday when the fire initially spread. At this time authorities are still determining how the fire started. The structural damage may not be as bad as predicted due to the vault being made of stone. French President Macron has assured France and the international community that Notre Dame will be rebuilt. Immediate fundraising has already begun. Over 450 million Euros have been raised already to assist in reconstruction. In order to prevent further damage historians will also be brought in along with architectural professionals.

The opening that now presents itself above the Cathedral will need to be covered from weather. Authorities will also now need to take into considerations multiple rebuilding and renovation options. Firefighters are stating it will be another 48 hours before they can begin checking on other artifacts stored in the building. Currently all artwork that was saved so far yesterday and overnight is being moved for safe storage. Methodical inspections are beginning today with the use of lifts, bucket trucks and other equipment.

Updated: 12:04 PM April 16, 2019.

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris fire. – April 15, 2019 (AMN) – Notre Dame Cathedral on fire in Paris. The roof of the Notre Dame Cathedral has collapsed and flames continue to burn in the rear of the cathedral lighting up the evening sky as Paris slips into night. The Arch Bishop of Paris and everyone is safe and accounted for at this time. Renovation work was ongoing at the historic landmark and it’s currently unsure if it was involved or a reason for the fire. People are urged to stay away from the area. French President Macron will be visiting the scene. The spire collapsed in the flamed. We will keep you informed on any further updates from international sources. Emergency services tried to salvage artwork stored at Notre Dame as flames spread.

Notre Dame was completed over a span of 200 years. The construction started in 1163 during King Louis VII’s reign and was completed in 1345.