Benefits of Goat Yoga

April 25, 2019 (AMN) Guest Writer: Tina Esham – The benefits of goat yoga are a little different for everyone. Some of our clients really like the goats. If they had a place they would have goats themselves. They are innately animal lovers. Then, add that our goats are baby goats that love people and those clients are our punch card holders that visit our studio on a weekly basis.

Are all goats like our yoga goats? No, our goats are really friendly because of how they were raised. You cannot just go purchase a goat and expect it to be friendly, cuddly and fun. Goats are naturally prey animals that don’t like spending time with predators; no matter how much we like animals our body language, thoughts, and actions are predator based. Our baby goats have interacted with our clients since they were two and three days old. This means that some of our clients really benefit from the therapy of laughing and spending time with friendly animals.

Other clients that really enjoy the practice of yoga like the challenge of adding a goat climbing on them throughout their poses. This challenges their focus and physical abilities. This client may also be a punch card holder as we are an alternative to typical yoga classes. Having regular outdoor classes when the weather is good is also a draw for this client.

Next, there is our client who has never tried yoga but the idea of having goats in class with them made the practice more appealing. Our classes introduce them to yoga in a very comfortable and non-judgmental environment. Our famous tag line is “our classes are as much goat cuddling or yoga poses as you want” this customizes your experience to enjoy the entire class.

The common benefits of “pet” therapy; we use goats and yoga are interlaced in many ways. If practiced on a regular basis they are shown to reduce stress, fatigue, anxiety and depression. Laughter releases endorphins and is shown to reduce blood pressure. The practice of yoga increases blood flow through the stretching of muscles and increases focus by drawing attention to the simple practice of focus itself; turning off the world and listening to our body.

So then, why goat yoga? To practice a unique activity that many different people can benefit from.

– Tina Esham

-Guest Writer for AMN