Albion Housing Initiative

Albion Housing Initiative

Notes from meeting of February 11, 2019 Meeting

The Albion Housing Initiative is working with Dave Diemert Owner of Diemert Construction. Mr. Diemert presented ideas for market-rate housing, suitable but not exclusive to seniors. Mr. Diemert favors “incremental development,” starting with small-scale projects and continuing to expand as needed. His initial plan would be for craftsman-like style, single unit homes, which might average $150 per square foot. He stated the most desirable area at this time is the land across the street from Victory Park currently owned by Albion College.

Mr. Diemert foresees the development of a neighborhood, with a hub at Bellmont Manor and depending on what residents want; the cost could be less. He is eager to make more specific plans according to our residents interests and needs. To view Diemert Constructions phenomenal craftsmanship, he constructed the first new home built in Albion Michigan in 20 years on Cass Street.

John Tracy Planning, Building & Code Enforcement for the City of Albion, informed everyone at the meeting about the many lots that are available – that could be used for a more massive project. These lots are located on Watson Street, Fitch Street, Dalrymple Street and Feinberg Drive will likely be zoned mixed use. The Planning Commission is also working on the zoning rewrite. There is a meeting Feb 20 at 7:00 in Council Chambers.
Amy Robinson, from the Calhoun County Land Bank, talked about land bank properties.

Mary Slater mentioned the Village at Grand Traverse Commons.
The former Traverse City State Hospital has an expansive 100 years of history.  The evolution from a state run asylum to a thriving and bustling community is the foundation of what makes The Village what it is today. Instead of patients The Grand Traverse Commons houses exquisite restaurants like Stella’s. Click here for more information.

The Village at Grand Traverse Commons (Before)
The Village at Grand Traverse Commons
The Village at Grand Traverse Commons (After)

In Addition

Mary Slater wrote “An RFP is being sent out for Austin School while Linda LaNoue, Project Rising Tides, talked about the Housing Subcommittee. There has been much data collected. Linda is assembling a task force to investigate funding sources. She plans to have an action plan within the new few weeks. ”

The Austin School Could become a Beautiful Senior Community.
The Austin School Could become a Beautiful Senior Community.

Mary Slater also stated “Laura Morrill, from Albion EDC, said “hopeful things are happening at EDC,” but she is not at liberty to discuss details. If one is of further interest: March 12, 6:00, Ludington, the presentation on Land Bank properties.”