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Motivation Boost – Time to enjoy Albion’s Outdoors

June 8, 2019 Albion, MI (AMN) — Whether you’re just beginning your weight-loss journey or like many of us you’re struggling to balance losing those extra pounds during our busy busy day and night schedules we must keep motivation in mind and at the forefront of our battle. While we might think you just need to summon the willpower, in reality, it’s normal to sink into old habits when the daily grind has you tired, stressed, or feeling deprived of time. One way to fight the battle and win is to have a plan and follow daily every week with indoor or outdoor activities. Outdoor is highly preferable as it also helps reduce daily stress. You must set goals and create a vision. These goals will always change as you surpass each goal. As you reach each milestone it is important create further challenges whether it’s 1 lap around town or 10 around the city. The paths around town permit individuals and families to walk all day and night safely. Albion has multiple trails open until sundown. We have the ability to track our fitness as we walk, bike, swim or play a little t-ball and basketball at Holland or Victory Park. We recommend taking a look at the forecast to be on the lookout for high temperatures, allergens , or severe whether. We are lucky to have so many outdoor opportunities here in Albion. If you are more of a cardio individual check out the local tracks at Marshall Opportunity High School or Albion College. Many night you may find fellow Albionites walking in circles. Whatever you do be sure to dress accordingly and to maximize safety. See you outdoors. This is your AMN team signing off and enjoying some Saturday sunshine.

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