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Michigan Gas prices surge

June 18, 2019 Albion, MI (AMN) — If you were and about today you may have noticed local gas prices surged from an Alberta of $2.44 (87) to $2.79 (87) at all stations. This surge isn’t just local to Albion but a part of a predictable pattern across the country recently. Prices steadily decreased over the past month which made an eventual spike in petroleum prices a sure bet. Stations have a practice of undercutting and matching either over an approximate two week period on average. At times you may see local downtown station match prices for (87) unleaded on displays but (89) and (93) will vary. Stations will always display unleaded (87) and diesel to attract customers. Once you’ve pulled in you’re usually committed to the station or at least to the snack shop. A sale is a sale. Once prices spike they will hold for 3 days on average before steadily decreasing. One way to compare prices is with apps such as GasBuddy or where users update prices every few minutes to every few days. Many consumers challenge each other and gain points for updating prices at their local stations or stations along their journey. The average price around Albion this morning is $2.77 for (87). These prices are always subject to change as stations compete for customers.

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