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Citizens to Beautify Albion

July 10, 2019, Albion, MI (AMN) — Keeping Albion beautiful takes time, patience, and some good conversation. Heading down Michigan Avenue this morning we couldn’t help but notice our fellow early risers tending to the flowers in front of the old Washington Gardner High School. Citizens to Beautify Albion is a “grassroots organization founded in 1985 by Elverta and the late Richard Weatherford, to plant and maintain flowers along the main streets of Albion, Michigan” stated Juanita. “We love doing this.” As a volunteer-based organization, Citizens to Beautify Albion has a fundraiser called “Men Who Cook, the 3rd Sunday in February.” We have about 100 cooks who serve several hundred people who come for the food and to catch up with old friends. “Do you cook?” asked Juanita. “Yes, we cook.” Men Who Cook is scheduled for the 3rd Sunday of February at the First Baptist Church. You can prepare a dish to serve 20-25 people. Tickets for the events will be $8.00. Plan ahead and be sure to bring your appetite.
Every year, 100s of volunteers plant flowers along Eaton Street, Michigan Avenue, and Austin Avenue. During the summer, a small group of volunteers weed and water the flowers. It is a lot of fun and very beneficial to the community. Volunteers are needed to help weed and tend to the flowers. There’s no set time commitment. Residents have stopped while walking and joined the group to help out.


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