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Christchurch, New Zealand shooting: 49 dead in terror attack at two mosques.

March 15, 2019 (AMN) — Police stated three people were in custody and they had not been on any security watchlist. The New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush said a man in his 20s was charged with murder & would make a court appearance on Saturday but did not want to comment any further on whether the same shooter was responsible for both attacks. Such attacks are not common in New Zealand.

“It was 10-15 minutes of continuous shooting, it was so loud ” Mohan Ibrahim escaped the New Zealand mosque attack by climbing out of a window.

A spokesman for the Foreign Office said the British High Commission in Wellington is in contact with the New Zealand authorities about the incident.

“British nationals in the area are advised to remain vigilant and follow the advice of local authorities,” he said. “The British High Commission in Wellington is in contact with the New Zealand authorities and urgently seeking further information.” Police are evacuating neighborhoods around the mosque.

The Muslim Council of Britain has joined international condemnation of the attack and called for more police protection at UK mosques.

Harun Khan, its secretary general, said:

“This is the most deadly Islamophobic terrorist attack we have experienced in recent times.”

“My condolences to the families affected. As the rest of us prepare to undertake our own Friday prayers today, we do so with the anxiety as to whether our mosques and communities are safe in the face of unabated Islamophobia and hostility against Muslims. 

“I call on our government to redouble its efforts to ensure mosques are protected, and call on fellow Muslims to resist the temptation to roll up the banners in fear, as this attack was designed to do.

  • Christchurch remains on lockdown. Christchurch’s mayor, Lianne Dalziel, said the city appeared to have been targeted to show nowhere in the world was safe.

This is one facet of the danger of hate. Christchurch is eerily quiet this morning. Our thoughts and prayers with them.

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