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Car insurance reform bill signed into law by Michigan’s Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

May 30, 2019 Lansing, MI (AMN) — Today at Mackinac Island Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed signed a bill into law that will make significant changes to Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance system.

“It wasn’t always easy. There were moments where we thought it was going to fall apart, but we stuck it through. We stayed true to our mutual goal of finding relief for people and not succumb to partisanship or special interests, and today is a model for how we can and must continue to move forward. This shows that divided government does not have to look like Washington D.C.” Whitmer said.

The auto insurance reform bill is expected to provide significant reductions in Michigan’s high premiums by giving drivers five choices for their insurance, ranging from keeping the current system of unlimited lifetime benefits to opting out entirely from the personal injury protection portion of insurance coverage. The bill is promising savings in the PIP portion of insurance – approximately 50% of the cost in an Michigan’s current insurance policies.

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